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Reverse phone lookup:  0000000000  :

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Caller ID: http://ozfeathers.com.au/kates/CatespadetntKANan9m551.html
Caller Company: http://ozfeathers.com.au/kates/CatespadetntKANan9m551.html
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Caller ID: http://www.tcs.nsw.edu.au/du/dunhill4vviTwqOfv147.html
Caller Company: http://www.tcs.nsw.edu.au/du/dunhill4vviTwqOfv147.html
Annie Jane - Sat, Apr 12th 2014 Rating: 0
I am getting calls in a fairly regular basis. Here are the times
4-12-2014 10:51 am
4-11-2014 10:35 am and 8:17 pm
4-10-2014 9:33 am
4-9-2014 9:55 am and 3:28 pm
4-8-2014 1:32 pm
4-5-2014 12:20 pm
Caller ID: 000-000-0000; name not found
TM - Sat, Apr 5th 2014 Rating: 0
Continue to call and no one answers.
Caller ID: 00-000-000-0000
Caller Company: NA
TM - Sat, Apr 5th 2014 Rating: 0
Continue to call and no one answers.
Caller ID: 00-000-000-0000
Caller Company: NA
Judy - Sun, Dec 8th 2013 Rating: +1
Have been getting calls from 000-000-0000 for weeks now. I tried two or three time to answer and tell them to stop calling me but there's no one on the line and it sounds like I can hear the TV through the phone when I answer. I used the blocking feature offered by Century Link but since there's an actual number, the blocking feature doesn't work. My patience is wearing out with these jerks.
Caller ID: No nMe

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