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Peeved - Sun, Mar 17th 2013 Rating: 0
200-200-0000 calls sometimes but fails to respond when I answer the phone. I have been on the Do Not Call list. However, I don't believe the list works!!
al - Sun, Feb 24th 2013 Rating: 0
On Feb 22 2013 8:19PM Eastern Got a strange call. Here. the Voice was a Male speaking English with an Israeli accent. He asked for people to support Privatization of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and went on this for a while. I said I do not support this position and he hung up. The Records here indicate this may be Waste Management Systems. IF this is the case,then this is the Old Shultz Hauling Business started in 1950's run by a guy named Robin Williams. The trash hauler has long terms ties to the Chicago Syndicate. The PA Gov Corbett worked for them and he is now trying to privatize the PA Liquor stores. Given I am one who opposed this position this would make sense. See linksnotallowed.noplaceforcorruptionlinksnotallowed Docs Section for more details under Corbett Section.
U d**** - Sun, Jan 13th 2013 Rating: 0
Calls leaves no message....
Caller ID: 200-200-0000
Kendra - Sun, Jun 5th 2011 Rating: 0
Number rang twice today
michael - Sun, Feb 20th 2011 Rating: 0
got phone call at 3:30pm on 2/20/11. No response when I answered, so I hung up. Am also on the do not call list.
Caller ID: 200-200-0000
simone - Thu, Nov 11th 2010 Rating: 0
4 to 5 call's a day...never leave message. Caller ID - 200-200-200

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