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Location RAWLINS, WY

Reverse phone lookup:  3073246693  :

Ray Terral - Sun, Mar 28th 2010 Rating: 0
This number calls all day and all night and then they hang up and continue calling. I am A disabled parent with two children in school and it is getting to the piont to mwhere I have to unplug my phone line after 5pm so my children can concentrate on doing there home work and get rest before school. It is very harassing and im fixing to file suit against the numbers owner if it continues any longer this month, seems it has been going on since october of 2009.
Caller ID: 1-307-324-6693
Caller Company: They just hang up on me repeatedly
steve - Mon, Oct 26th 2009 Rating: 0
Someone trying to call me to verify employment in my company of a person who does not exist and would not answer who was calling, just kept repeating themselves.
Caller ID: 3073246693
Caller Company: unknown
Bryson - Thu, Jun 25th 2009 Rating: 0
I receive a phone call from this number at least one per week, sometime twice per week. Each time they leave an automated voice mail message telling me to call some "1-800" number and they mention this is "not a business call." It's annoying as hell. I know that the number is based out of Wyoming, and I don't know anyone from Wyoming, nor have I had any business interactions with someone from Wyoming.
Not gonna back anymore - Thu, Dec 10th 2009 Rating: 0
The calls are from CCI, a collection agency registered in Wyoming (although using a Fort Collins, Colo. mailing address) ??? Linda Russell is listed as the owner, and the calls from 307-324-6693, although a Rawlins, Wyo. prefix, trace back to an apparent CCI employee, Angela Edwards of Casper. Public records also list email addresses of Larcci@aollinksnotallowed and marci@ictnetlinksnotallowed for Linda and ascottylover@aollinksnotallowed for Angela. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 4000, Rawlins, WY 82301. It's true that CCI's tactics of using automated dialing to contact supposed deadbeats -- and then requesting them to return the call without explaining why -- are sleazy and deceitful. However, it appears they are operating barely within the law, albeit in a very questionable and unethical manner. It's ironic that the owner is a long-time member of Wyoming's Collection Agency Board, a regulatory body, which among other duties, is tasked with investigating complaints and the conduct of licensed collections in the state. Therefore, any complaints filed against CCI are going to go right back to her. Talk about the fox watching the henhouse! The previous posters are correct that the best way to stop an outfit like CCI from repeatedly calling is to notify them (in writing) to stop doing so. Instead, ask them to submit the proof of debt in writing. You are still liable for paying outstanding amounts, but at least you will have the opportunity to review the information for accuracy. Be aware that Wyoming law (W.S. 33-11-101...116) requires that if the first contact from a collection agency is made by phone, the agency must send you a written notice with the pertinent information about the supposed debt.

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