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Bon Bon - Mon, Aug 26th 2013 Rating: 0
Calls from =15562897946. I believe these are from places in another country. They don't answer me when I pick up the call.
Caller ID: No text or name
Furious - Fri, Dec 28th 2012 Rating: 0
These calls are numerous times a day, despite being on the do not call list. They never leave a message, when answered, do not even answer immediately, you have to wait for a response. Finally, they come on, with an accent. They have been told to put me on the do not call list and yet, still call. They hang up when I tell them to put me on the do not call list!!!

I would be willing to litigate against them. This is an invasion of my privacy and they are breaking the law.

If there is any affiliation with Macy's/Bon Ton (Carson's) I will cancel all accounts with them and stop shopping there. I will make sure I tell everyone I know as well.
Caller ID: 727-556-7300
Caller Company: MCCCS
XiaXia - Fri, Feb 24th 2012 Rating: 0
ID MCCS with this number called my house several times a day recently. We didn't pick up the phone since we usually get some bad calls. But this one is so persistence, it never stop. It has been at least a month.
Caller ID: MCCS
Renae - Fri, Feb 24th 2012 Rating: 0
If u call them and say I don't know who you are trying to call or why u keep calling me but u demand them to remove your number from their calling list they do, or did for me at least. It's Macy's or Bon something credit card collections. Just call the same number they call u from & ask why they call u if u have no acct w/them. They are persistent otherwise
Maria L. Ferrer - Wed, Feb 8th 2012 Rating: 0
9:48 am, February 8, 2012.
I get a phone call from a gentleman named himself as Sr. Solorzano.
That gentleman ask for my husband Mr. Ferrer. I told him that my husband was not in home because he is worrking, but if he can relate to me the message for my husband.
His answer was so unpolite, rude and lack of education that almost I cry. He says:
"I will don't tell you about the message, good day"
He call back around 3:17pm, but I don't pick the call.
My husband arrived and as soon I told him what happen, here, we are writhing this E-mail.
It is very sad and disgusting that a company as your company hiring people that kind. I don't want to know what kind of management you have. I wait for 5 days and after that I will cancell my credit card.
Maria L. Ferrer/ Luis Ferrer
Caller Company: MCCS
Mae - Mon, Feb 6th 2012 Rating: 0
Called at 8:06 am Mountain time. Left a long dial tone on my answering machine. It says online this # calls people to harass them about a Macy's account, which I do not have! Really don't appreciate strangers with no reason to even call me waking up my family!
Caller ID: MCCS

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