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Location LAUREL, VA

Reverse phone lookup:  7577697127  :

Ted - Tue, Feb 22nd 2011 Rating: 0
Recevied a call from this Norfolk, VA Number. By process of deduciton, we believe the call to be orginated and associated with Identity theft from a Chinese women who resides in the Norfolk area and along with her Asian associates are conducting identity thieft. Earlier she and her Chinese associates hacked into our email account, when we recovered the email, then she tried to elicit our password from the account using an email address that we could trace, also she created a false myspace page in China with our name. We have documentation on this. We were hoping the Norfolk police would do something about this harassing and nusiance calls. We tried to talk with Nationline who distributes the number, but they were unwilling to help.
Ginger - Wed, Sep 8th 2010 Rating: 0
Someone at this number called - no message
Caller ID: 757-769-7127
Caller Company: "Unknown Name"
LWJ - Thu, Apr 22nd 2010 Rating: 0
Unknown, unwated calls repeatedly.

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