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Annoyed - Fri, Apr 8th 2011 Rating: 0
817-302-0293 calls me every 3 days. They said that they are from Blue Cross Blue Shield and would like me to paticipate in a survey. I told them that I do not give out information over the phone. I called Blue Cross BLue Shield and they said that they do not conduct phone surveys.
Stainless - Fri, Jan 1st 2010 Rating: 0
Calls constantly. Never leaves a message.
Diane - Sat, Jan 2nd 2010 Rating: 0
I get at least 3-4 of these calls per day. I am on the State and Federal Do Not Call List, as well as blocked calling. I answered the call a few days ago, finally someone on the other end of the line - supposedly a non-profit organization that asked to speak to my husband (who recently passed away) and when I told them that, they said sorry and I said, well lose this number. So far, fingers crossed, no more calls YET!!
Diane - Sat, Oct 3rd 2009 Rating: 0
Keeps calling me from this number - DSS Research - never anyone on the line if I do answer, never leaves message if I don't! Getting very aggravating!
arlando - Mon, Jun 1st 2009 Rating: 0
817-302-0293 Texas Call Repeated call over the past three months, no message and I don't answer. I have reported to FTC.
Caller ID: Texas Call
angry guy - Mon, Apr 6th 2009 Rating: +1
called many times. just ignore the call at first but its getting to be irratating.
Caller ID: 817-302-0293
Caller Company: unknown

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