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Reverse phone lookup:  8173020300  :

Kevin - Sun, May 1st 2011 Rating: 0
Hey, do you guys have any additional information on this number at all? How do you get them to stop?
sfo: STOP 817-302-0300 - Mon, Nov 15th 2010 Rating: 0
for (2) months I have been receiving calls from 817-302-0300.
I've NOT ANSWERED ANY CALLS, and...don't know where or how my cell number got to this/these person's using number.
sfo - Tue, Aug 17th 2010 Rating: 0
constant calls from these bums. no call list is not functional.
DP - Sat, Apr 10th 2010 Rating: 0
Too many calls to count from this number. Just want whoever it is to stop calling.
Caller ID: Unknown
AH26 - Wed, Mar 17th 2010 Rating: 0
They called my cell phone. I didn't know the number so I didn't answer, however, I AM on the DO NOT CALL registry and have been for some time.
STOP DSS - Fri, Mar 5th 2010 Rating: 0
Data mining phone call from DSS Research
Caller ID: 817-302-0300
Caller Company: DSS Research

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