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Location IRVING, TX

Reverse phone lookup:  8177861092  :

fed empIT - Wed, Oct 12th 2011 Rating: 0
after reading posts to your annoying track of unwanted calls I've decided to use all my resources as an IT person with the govt and make sure the stops call along with any illegal activity you may be doing as an individual or group.
Caller ID: 817-786-1092
annoyed - Tue, Dec 21st 2010 Rating: 0
Called my cell phone, my umber is on federal DO NOT CALL list.
No sounds when picked up then disconnect. Machine dialed possibly.
No company name show up on caller ID.
Twiggy - Tue, Sep 28th 2010 Rating: 0
Calls several times a day. Never leaves a message.
Caller Company: AMTRUST
Sick & Tired of this crap - Sat, Sep 25th 2010 Rating: 0
Hey Brett, why did your company change its name to AMTRUST? Get caught doing something illegal and that is the only way you can keep scamming people?
AmPat - Thu, Sep 16th 2010 Rating: 0
Brett?? You are a very STUPID PERSON!!!!! You post everywhere. Saying the same things and it is simply NOT TRUE!!!!

I have filed a complaint @ httlinksnotalloweds://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2 because I have been on their list since March. I called your company back after numerous days of receiving 2-3 days each day and told them to put me on THEIR DNC list and they called AGAIN!!!

Everyone needs to put their number on the DNC list and file complaints when this people continue to call!!
Caller ID: [NO NAME] 817-786-1092
Caller Company: Warrantech Corp.
E. Herd - Tue, Sep 14th 2010 Rating: 0
Please stop calling me on my cell phone. I receive several phone numbers from this number each day.
Caller Company: Warrant Tech?

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