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Mike - Thu, Mar 8th 2012 Rating: 0
Robot phone caller landed on my answering machine, asking for someone else. Gave company name and they were debt colectors, and were calling about a debt for the person they were asking for.
Person calling told my answering machine, I was consenting to be the person they were looking for, since my answering machine didn't hang up.
Caller ID: 866-201-0940
Caller Company: steven michaels associates
Caller Type: Collection Agency
GET A LIFE - Mon, Apr 25th 2011 Rating: 0
Have called me about 20 times in the last few days. Today they left recorded message saying I must call them back. I called back and they had my first and last name, without me giving it to them. (YUK!) They claimed they were a bank and I said I didn't have an account with that bank and said "good-bye". She was still talking on the phone when I hung up.
Caller ID: 866-201-0940
Caller Company: marine bank (or something like that)
fred - Mon, Mar 28th 2011 Rating: 0
return call say disconnected
Mary - Wed, Mar 9th 2011 Rating: 0
Today I received a call from Peter Nick and he stated he needed my husband's social security number. I told him no I don't give that to any body. What is this in reference to and he would not tell me. He just kept saying give me the last four digits and I said no then he gave me a number and name to have my son call him back with his social number. This is very scary. Do not give your social ever.
Caller Company: Stevenson & Michael Assoc
goog - Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 Rating: 0
this lady asks for my husbands cell number, the nerve of a buisness
Lea - Tue, Feb 1st 2011 Rating: 0
Received a call from this number, with an automated female voice asking for my husband. Of course when I got on the line and pressed a live person to tell me what kind of business he worked for, he wouldn't tell! Classic collection agency tactic, it seems. My husband and I *always* pay our bills, but we get a lot of these calls, usually for someone else. This one was a little creepy, because they did have my husband's name and phone number. We're going to check his credit report, just in case someone ran up a bill in his name and didn't pay it. Never hurts to be sure.
As I look at the dates on some of these posts, I see that this company has been bugging people since 2009. Seems like it's not so easy to shut down this type of operation just by making a complaint. That's a shame.
Caller Company: Stevenson and Michaels Associates

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