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Harrased and sick of it - Fri, Oct 8th 2010 Rating: 0
We've been called repeatedly and were asked for a fransisco. We are so sick of it. 3 times a day are we being called.
Caller ID: ?
Caller Company: Key Bank
Input - Mon, Sep 20th 2010 Rating: 0
I know that this is for the Key Bank Collections agency, possibly Allied, and they are probably calling cause of a wrong number. My father has been receiving similar calls thanks to the person who needs to pay their debt being one number off from ours.
false name - Wed, Mar 31st 2010 Rating: 0
This number calls me asking for some other person. Twice now for somebody else. When I called back I heard a message from "key" asking for the last 4 digits of my ssn. I suspect these people are criminals.
Caller Company: message identifying number as "key" on callback
eli - Sat, Mar 20th 2010 Rating: 0
this number has been constantly calling me at unreasonable hours
Calls constantly - Tue, Sep 22nd 2009 Rating: 0
These people stated they were from Allied, then said Key Bank, and wanted me to confirm my ssn, address, etc. When I refused, I told them they could give me the info and I would confirm, they refused. They call me every 15 minutes all day long on both my cell and home phone. I have repeatedly asked them to only contact me by mail. I had an account with Key Bank that is current, so I don't know who these people are.
Caller ID: 866-325-4765
Caller Company: Allied? Key Bank?

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