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norm - Fri, May 10th 2013 Rating: 0
Caller ID is Toll Free Calle. A Landline. Anderson Financial Network also known as AFNI Bloom, Corporate Headquarters, 404 Brock Drive, Bloomington, IL 61702-309. 800-767-2364; PO Box 3427, Bloomington, IL 61702-3427, Telephone: 1-877-403-0670, Fax: (309)-828-0931, AFNI, INC, 1310 Martin Luther King Drive, Bloomington, Illinois United States of America Phone: 866-352-0458 This firm has a history of trying to collect from ancient and time-barred accounts, and filing false entries in credit reports. The queen bee CEO has paid out many times over in legal challenges.
Caller ID: toll free calle
Caller Company: Anderson Financial Network
Caller Type: Collection Agency
Lynn - Mon, Jan 28th 2013 Rating: 0
Robo call type call. Do not know who they are. They will never leave a message and do not answer me when I answer the call. They call 2-4 times a week at various times.
Caller ID: Toll-Free
Jani - Thu, Jul 19th 2012 Rating: 0
This number calls numerous times a day. No messages.
Caller ID: 8663520458
hadit - Mon, Oct 17th 2011 Rating: 0
said they were acme debt collector, when asked who they were calling from could not answer asked for information on who placed my so call account with them, couldn't and would not answer. Said they did not have any of that information. An they expect someone to believe they are for real!!!!!
Caller ID: 866-352-0458
Caller Company: Acme Debt
mad - Mon, Jun 13th 2011 Rating: 0
Company called said they were acme debt collector. I never heard of the company who said I owed a bebt to? I disputed the debt and they continue to call and will not give me any information about the details of the bebt.
williamp - Fri, Feb 4th 2011 Rating: 0
This number calls constantly, 3-4 times a day. No messages-hngs up.
Caller ID: 866-352-0458
Caller Company: None

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