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Reverse phone lookup:  8664195000  :

Kid - Sun, Dec 6th 2009 Rating: 0
This Caller called 3 times in quick succession. The 3rd Call notified me about a missing child that was last seen in nearby Stockbridge. I was directed to notify the Henry County Police.
jugador - Tue, Oct 27th 2009 Rating: +1
There is nothing nefarious about this number. It is an automated nationwide system used by local authorities that notifies call recipients about such things as water emergencies, etc. I registered for the service in my community and I've never known them to abuse it. They called me just this morning with a recorded message about a nearby fire hydrant damaged in an auto accident that will disrupt water service for 12 hours. You need to wait a few seconds for the recorded message to start. I believe that's why so many people believe there's nobody on the other end when they answer. Be patient and let the message start.
Caller ID: 866-419-5000
Caller Type: Other Non-Commercial
angel - Tue, Sep 1st 2009 Rating: 0
Called twice around after 10:30 PM. Did not leave a message first time, didn't speak the second.
Caller ID: code red
Beth Fratkin - Mon, Aug 10th 2009 Rating: 0
Called eight times in one hour
Caller ID: 8664195000
Lin - Mon, Aug 24th 2009 Rating: +1
I belive it is the "CODE RED" number for Collin County Texas that makes calls to citizens in emergencies or when residents need to know certain information quickly. It is sort of a reverse 911 type system. See https://linksnotallowed

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