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Jermbo - Fri, Oct 8th 2010 Rating: 0
I just received a call from this number and I let it go to VM. The caller was from PNC Bank looking for a Brooke McKenzy (most likely from Michigan). I have received other calls in the past from debt collectors looking for this same girl whom of which I do not know. They said to have her call then back at this number and ask for Ava at ext. 49234. Who ever this person is must be in some serious financial troubles!
Caller ID: 866-622-2657
Caller Company: PNC Bank
Caller Type: Collection Agency
Very Angry Customer - Fri, Mar 12th 2010 Rating: 0
We have a home equity line of credit with National City (now PNC) on which the payment is due on the 5th of the month. We always pay it the second Friday of the month, which is sometimes the 12th. We always pay an extra $25.00 in principal. The late payment is the 15th of the month. For February, 2010, we received 57 automated calls from this number. 43 of those calls were made AFTER the payment was made online and the funds were immediately deducted from our account. I answered one call; stayed on the line and asked for a supervisor; the woman refused to put a supervisor on the phone; and, then had the gall to say "if you people paid your bills, you wouldn't have this problem." March? We received 17 automated calls on March 11. I'm writing a letter to the Ohio Attorney General. This is harassment.
Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Caller Company: National City/PNC
Caller Type: Collection Agency
CC - Tue, Jun 22nd 2010 Rating: 0
According to the law, a collection agency can call as many times as they would like if you do not answer; once you answer and they keep calling its concidered harrasment. Your best bet would have been to answer and explain what your intentions were and the calls would have stopped. A bank has every right to call even if you are 1 day past due, just FYI.
mkd - Tue, Sep 15th 2009 Rating: 0
The call is from National City.
christie57 - Sun, Aug 16th 2009 Rating: 0
This phone number has been appearing on my phone for the past 3 or 4 days now and they call at least 5 or 6 times a day. My answering machine picks up, but no one speaks. I do not know this phone number and I have not asked for anyone with this number to call me. I am tired of them bothering me in my home and I want them to stop calling. Today, they have already called 8 times.
Caller ID: Unknown Caller
James G - Wed, Aug 5th 2009 Rating: 0
They have called me over 5 times today. I let my answering machine get it the first few times and they left no messages. The first time I picked up there was no answer or audio at the other end. The second time I got a voice who told me to "hold for a representative" several times then said "sorry, no one is available" and hung up. The third time I answered I finally got someone on the line after about a minute of the voice repeating itself. A lady asked for 'so and so,' I told her she had the wrong number. I told her that they had called at least 5 times already today and asked if that was normal for them. She said was normal for them and they had every right to do so. She again asked me if I was 'so and so' as if she didn't believe me from the first time. I told her I'd be filling a complaint with the FCC or FTC. I'll see if they call again, it has stopped... for about an hour so far :) If it is not, THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL because one has no easy way of telling them they have the wrong number and are harassing the wrong person in the sanctity of their home!!! I don't owe anyone any money let alone a bank or financial company. I am a renter who doesn't use any form credit, not even student loans currently, and I haven't for over 10 years now.
Caller ID: Unknown Name
Caller Company: did not identify

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