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Small city near Detroit, MI - Wed, Mar 20th 2013 Rating: 0
Voicemail said "this is Vinnie Romano from Century Engineering with questions about the weed abatement...not sure if it was for the golf course or ballfields"
Caller Company: Century Engineering
Caller Type: Other Commercial
Maintenance - Fri, Mar 15th 2013 Rating: 0
Will from Century Engineering. Wants to talk to Maintenance Supervisor about weed abatement at parks etc.
Caller Company: Century Engineering
AAamw - Wed, Mar 13th 2013 Rating: 0
I have had multiple calls from Century Engineering phone 888-286-2050 from a Kevin and now a Will. They ask to speak to the maintenance department. They have told me that the maint supervisor contacted them regarding projects, grafitti removal, seamless gutters, etc. They even have told me they have an appt scheduled to meet the maint department. They are deceitful.
Caller Company: Century
Small Town in Western Manitoba, Canada. - Fri, Feb 1st 2013 Rating: 0
A guy who claimed his name is Alex Andrews from 888-286-2050 insisted that he needed to speak to our public works supervisor about a UPS Insurance Claim which is very time sensitive. When I asked him the name of his company, he said Century. Of course our public works supervisor does NOT have an outstanding UPS Insurance claim.

For the heck of it....I called the number with call display blocked, and the person who answered said CMC. I asked what that stood for, and they said Century Manufacturing Corp. We don't know this company at all, and certainly have never had any business dealings with them.
K - Wed, May 30th 2012 Rating: +1
Zach from Century Engineering says my boss contacted him and he's just getting back with information. Then says he's conferring with my boss about a project and the output of our vehicles. (Sounds like they are in a warehouse.) When I inquired where he was calling from he tells me he's from Chicago, but I don't see anything on the internet about this company at all and my boss never contacted anyone about our vehicles. Zach is a scam!!!
Caller ID: Zach
Caller Company: Century Engineering
James - Wed, May 30th 2012 Rating: 0
If you have a chance. report this online to the federal trade commission.

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